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Runnin’ Dahntahn…with a little help from Mikey. Week 12.

Yinzer word of the day:  “Dahntahn” – downtown Stats 10 miles Not even sugar coating: 2 solid hours. Tune of Choice: Arabesque #1 by Mikey # of tour stops (Polaroid moments): 3 #… Continue reading

…and a Happy New Year. Week 11

  Stats 8 miles 1 hour 28 minutes 16 seconds Tune of Choice: “Boogie On Reggae Woman” by Stevie Wonder # of times Alarm DIDN’T go off: 3 (thank you, iPhone bug) #… Continue reading

Ho Ho Horrible. A Christmas Story Week 10.

The fact that I am a week behind on my blog posts should tell you how excited I am tell you about my holiday running. (In other words, I am not.) So in… Continue reading

I thought I could. Week 8.

Stats 5 miles 55 minutes 04 seconds Tune of choice: “Back on the Chain Gang” by the Pretenders # of random town folk cheering: 3 (Newton residents in cheer training) # of times I… Continue reading

“Run like an old lady on ice.” Week 7

“On April 18th, we’ll all be Kenyans.” –Rick Muhr Stats 4.5 miles 48 minutes 23 seconds Song of choice: “Baby” by Devendra Banhart # of roadkill: NONE. (Thank you, Newton!) # of teammates who… Continue reading

Week 6, 8 miles for Karen (11.28.60-12.07.09)

Stats 8 miles 90 minutes 06 seconds (11:15/mile) Tune of choice: “So are you to me” by Eastmountainsouth # of times regret running Boston Marathon: 1 (and that’s all it took for me… Continue reading

Week 5, 7 miles of Gloorrrrry

 Stats 7 Miles 81 minutes 06 seconds Tune of choice: Keep Marchin’ by Raphael Saadiq # of times honked at by car, though I was nowhere near street: 3 # of times nearly hit by said… Continue reading

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