Yo ho, Yo ho, a bag of ice for me. 19 miles.

This entry is a bit long…but it is a detailed account of my experience, and therefore worth the read, I think 🙂 Stats 19 miles. Hey-O! Some hours, a bunch of minutes, and multiple seconds. Tune… Continue reading

Feeling extraordinary. 13 miles.

Stats 13 miles (step back week) 2 hours 30 minutes 53 seconds (11:30 pace) # of times around Wakefield lake: 2 (a long time ago, I could barely walk it once!) # of… Continue reading

I don’t run in your toilet, so don’t dump on my charity running.

“Wow way to go! It’s great that you came this far. What race did you use to qualify for Boston? I’m so glad you’re doing it the right way and actually qualified to… Continue reading

Mass Mentoring. WHY I run. 16 miles.

Stats 16 miles Why I run. Last weekend, when I reached my final water stop after 13 miles, I was not entirely sure I could finish. I was in pain and my will… Continue reading

Superbowl Bar Crawl/Run. 14 miles.

Sorry to all of my readers for the missing entry from last weekend. Following some excrutiating shin pain, I took on full recovery mode. Rest, ice, low-impact cross training, lather, rinse, repeat…but I’m… Continue reading

Frozen eyebrows and snot icicles. 13 miles.

warning: I apologize, in advance, for the bitch fest that is about to take place. Stats 13 miles of pure agony. 2 hours 24 minutes 00 seconds (Doesn’t count the # of minutes… Continue reading

Sochi 2014, here I come. 12 miles.

Stats 12 miles! Hey-o! 2 hours 12 minutes 4 seconds Tune of choice: “Got to Give it Up, Part 1” by Marvin Gaye # of times beeped at by crazy  SUV man: 1… Continue reading

Runnin’ Dahntahn…with a little help from Mikey. Week 12.

Yinzer word of the day:  “Dahntahn” – downtown Stats 10 miles Not even sugar coating: 2 solid hours. Tune of Choice: Arabesque #1 by Mikey # of tour stops (Polaroid moments): 3 #… Continue reading

…and a Happy New Year. Week 11

  Stats 8 miles 1 hour 28 minutes 16 seconds Tune of Choice: “Boogie On Reggae Woman” by Stevie Wonder # of times Alarm DIDN’T go off: 3 (thank you, iPhone bug) #… Continue reading

Ho Ho Horrible. A Christmas Story Week 10.

The fact that I am a week behind on my blog posts should tell you how excited I am tell you about my holiday running. (In other words, I am not.) So in… Continue reading