5 miles. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

Compression tights: $60. Moisture-wicking socks: $13. Ugly snowman cap: $3.99 Running 5 miles with loved ones? Priceless. Some things money can’t buy. 6:30AM and I donned running tights and a snowman cap (see… Continue reading

4 miles. New outlook. New confidence. New me.

4 miles 40 minutes 31 seconds # of random socks found on ground: 1… (wait. what?) # of times I smiled awkwardly at strangers: a lot. And I am not ashamed. Something New… Continue reading

On the road again. [4 miles]

4 miles. Gloriously manageable distance. Somewhere in between 39 and 42 minutes. Didn’t keep time…and I’m glad. Tune of choice: None! So much better to run with friends and talk about life! Dog… Continue reading

Marathon Coalition: IT IS TIME.

The Coalition is back and we are on a mission. We shall take no prisoners. We will show no mercy. Together! We will SEIZE the streets of Newton, shouting rallying cries of GLORY!… Continue reading

Boston Marathon 2012: I’m back in the game!

What can I say? Am I a glutton for punishment? Am I addicted to the challenge? Am I CRAAAZZZYYY?! Meh. Probably. Definitely. That said, I still could not be more thrilled to announce… Continue reading

Marathon Journey: Before and After

“So, how much did ya lose?” It’s a question I’ve been asked quite a bit since my marathon finish. My answer? I have no idea. Firstly, I’ve never really been a slave to the scale. I… Continue reading


Haha! (Made you look) Post Marathon Syndrome It’s been two weeks since my trek from Hopkinton to Boston. Here are the chronicles of my PMS. THE FINISH. All is great. All is happy. All… Continue reading

I DID IT. 26.2 miles.

Marathon Day I got 5 hours of sleep Sunday night, awoke without an alarm, and stuffed my face with a banana, supplements, and every ounce of water I could find. After an anxious drive… Continue reading

If you gotta pee, then pee. 12 miles.

Sorry, folks! I have been slacking. It’s taper time, so you know what that means. Less training = less to write about? (Not really. I just dropped the ball.) So in the spirit of the… Continue reading

21 miles. A little blood. Some sweat. A lotta tears.

“Ok, so I just finished…and that was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. But…and I have no shame clearly because I am video-ing this for you. But I will say… Continue reading