I’m a slacker. I am behind on my blog posts by about three weeks. And I am behind in my marathon training by about 2 weeks and 6 days. In order to face… Continue reading

16 miles. How to keep running when you feel like stopping.

16 miles 3:07:45 This Is How We Do It! When I tell people that I am running um-teen miles on Saturday morning, they look at me like I am nuts. I get asked… Continue reading

15 miles. Personal Awesome-est.

15 miles 2:42:05 wait… 2:42:05???? 2:42:05!!!!!!!!! pee stops: 1 (at my favorite Dunkin Donuts… had to get some chocolate munchkins, too!) My new thing: I smile at every single runner I pass. Keeps… Continue reading

14 (and a half) miles: A bunch o’ munchkins and a hint of splint.

14.5 miles 3 hours 1 minute Dog poop count: 1 (I may or may not have stepped in it.) The Run TOUGH run. Kate and I had each been battling illness for nearly… Continue reading

13 miles. I love the smell of Tiger Balm in the morning.


12 miles. White lies & tie dye.

12 miles (at heart…) 1 hour 59 minutes 37 seconds dog poop count: 1 (I saw it in action. *bonus point) old guys passing me in a very inspiring (albeit humbling) way: about… Continue reading

10 miles. One sock.

10 miles 1 hour 46 minutes 13 seconds Tune of choice: The pitter-patter of my running stride? I forgot the headphones at home. I am sad to say there have been no roadkill… Continue reading

6 Miles. Ándale! Ándale! Arriba! Arriba!

6.4 miles 59:59 Holy crap? Holy crap. Holy crap! Who Am I? I have no idea what got into me on Sunday. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit. Maybe it was the time… Continue reading

5 miles. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

Compression tights: $60. Moisture-wicking socks: $13. Ugly snowman cap: $3.99 Running 5 miles with loved ones? Priceless. Some things money can’t buy. 6:30AM and I donned running tights and a snowman cap (see… Continue reading

4 miles. New outlook. New confidence. New me.

4 miles 40 minutes 31 seconds # of random socks found on ground: 1… (wait. what?) # of times I smiled awkwardly at strangers: a lot. And I am not ashamed. Something New… Continue reading

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