Run less, run healthier, run better.

This past week, I had to skip my 12-mile run due to muscle fatigue and lack of sleep. In realizing how unconcerned I was about this, I was inspired to write a blog… Continue reading

The Marathon Effect

Often times, when training for a huge event like the Boston Marathon, it’s easy to become consumed by the physical aspects of the endeavor. The mileage. The course. The climate. The carbs. The… Continue reading

Icy cold breezes… and a snot that freezes.

Hello friends! I cannot believe it has been so long since I’ve posted. I suppose I’ve just been waiting for the right story- and I certainly found it this weekend. To bring you… Continue reading

2013 Boston Marathon, Here I Come!

It’s official, friends! I am joining Team MMP for the 2013 Boston Marathon for a third year of body punishment and lunacy. So starting in December, I will be back to blogging and… Continue reading

Fit man and a curvy girl: A Race to the Finish.

Since you last saw me (slash heard from me) 3 months ago, I have been working diligently to tackle my injury(s) and get faster. Luckily, my diligence has truly paid off in both… Continue reading

Mile by Mile- A Battle to the Finish.

DOUBT. That was the single most nagging emotion of my week leading up to the marathon. For one thing, I’d been aggressively treating a debilitating foot injury that had me confined to crutches… Continue reading

The Taper: Bittersweet End.

The Sweet Part The taper! It’s like music to my ears. We put our long runs behind us and significantly decrease mileage in the three weeks leading up to the marathon. Now’s the… Continue reading

21 miles: Uselessly useful tips for surviving a long run.

Most of you already know that my 21-mile experience was not necessarily the greatest; it was a little more unfortunate than last year. Our team bus broke down and there were no water… Continue reading

17 miles. Oh no I didn’t. (Oh yes I did.)

17 miles 3:11:52 Number of people I waved to enthusiastically because I thought I knew them: 1 Number of people who waved back equally enthusiastically: 1 — phew : ) The Good News!… Continue reading

15 miles. Staying in the moment.

15 miles 2:40:34  : ) I recently read a great blog entry by my coach, Rick Muhr, in which he talks about staying in the moment on a long run. I’ve never been… Continue reading

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