D2R Day 10: Facial

Day 10: May 21, 2014- Facial

Action: As you all know, part of this endeavor for me has been to venture out, treat myself, try new things, meet new people, get out of my comfort zone, the idea being that all of these things will create a happier healthier me. So on Day 10… I treated myself to a facial! I know, I know, tough life, huh? The truth is- I don’t really have the money to be spending on indulgences all that often so for me to do this was truly AN INDULGENCE (I see you giving me the stank eye, Sallie Mae. I see you, girl.) I have to say, what ended up happening was much more stupendous than the facial itself. After getting to talking to the wonderful esthetician, Christine, we discovered so many life similarities- it was almost as if fate (rather than Groupon) had led me to her table. We are both life-long dancers. We both love the arts and music. I mean, she was playing Erykah Badu when I first walked in! We both believe in spiritual phenomena. We both majored in something considered by many to be “useless”. And in the 2 hours I spent on her table (thanks to a couple free services she tossed in!), she had me feeling so confident in my decision to be a musician. She told me that she, herself, had considered law school and just had so much more fun doing makeup and making people feel good. She said, “If you love something, you will find a way to make it work for you as a full-time career.”

Lesson: Do what you love. The end.

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