14 (and a half) miles: A bunch o’ munchkins and a hint of splint.

  • 14.5 miles
  • 3 hours 1 minute
  • Dog poop count: 1 (I may or may not have stepped in it.)

The Run

TOUGH run. Kate and I had each been battling illness for nearly a month and were making a crazy leap from 11 miles to 14, with little training in between. We knew this would be difficult.

Positive thinking was the only way I could survive this, and I knew it. I kept repeating phrases aloud, for Kate and for me.

“It’s only the first 6 miles that are tough. Once we do 6, we’ll be warm.”
“Once we reach Heartbreak Hill, we’re halfway done.”
“We’ve done these hills before.”
“We can take a walk break at the next water stop!”
“Only one more hour to go.”
“In 14 miles we get to drink chocolate milk!”

Turns out these thoughts were integral to my success on Saturday. Especially when toward the end of the run I began to feel little pings of shin splints coming on. I won’t read too much into it though. Surprisingly enough, I did not get sore at all following this run. I find that a sign of strength!

It goes without saying that our lovely stop at Dunkin Donuts to go potty was a nice boost as well. Gotta love munchkins ; )