5 miles. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

  • Compression tights: $60.
  • Moisture-wicking socks: $13.
  • Ugly snowman cap: $3.99
  • Running 5 miles with loved ones? Priceless.

Some things money can’t buy.

6:30AM and I donned running tights and a snowman cap (see Exhibit A).

Exhibit A (Money DID buy this, unfortunately.)

I was on my way to Logan Airport to pick up my sister who was fresh in from a red-eye. I hadn’t seen her since my visit to San Diego in June. And the time before that? LAST Christmas- an eternity. Needless to say, I was happy to have her home. So happy, in fact, that I absolutely would risk being late to my training run if it meant I got to be the one to pick her up! The plan: retrieve sister, drop sister off at home to de-lag, drive to Newton for 5 mile training run, and return home where a BBC movie marathon would commence. (Colin Firth. Oh yeah.)

But you could imagine my surprise when my sister agreed to join me in Newton instead. What’s more? She wanted to run. Naturally, the thought had crossed my mind to invite her along in the first place. The idea was even ignited by Coach Rick. However, like most normal people, I thought she’d opt for the sleep. Clearly she is just as crazy as I am.

Also joining me in Newton was my friend, Trisha, with whom I’d become acquainted through blogdom – a cyber friendship, if you will. In fact, it was this very blog which had connected us. We’d made attempts to meet in the past, all failed mostly due to my propensity to overbook… and in the last case, overbooze. So I finally invited her to come experience a training run with us on the hills of Newton. I knew that at least 1 of the following awesomes would occur: 1. I’d finally get to meet her 2. she would meet lots of new running friends and 3. she would absolutely love Coach Rick.

As usual, <<pats self on back>> I was right. It was the perfect storm, really. I had my sister, my new friend, and all of the wonderful people in the marathon coalition in one room. And after another inspiring talk by Coach Rick, we set off on our 5-mile adventure. Although we each had slightly different paces, the moments where our paths crossed were truly wonderful; these are moments I will treasure as I embark further on this new year of training.

There is something special about merging different facets of acquaintance. It is one of my favorite things to do, often yielding amazing results. And this Saturday was no different. Old friends with the new. New friends with the old. The positive energy was abundant and so powerful that it had become tangible. And I hope to grab on it now. I hope to carry it with me through the rest of training.