4 miles. New outlook. New confidence. New me.

  • 4 miles
  • 40 minutes 31 seconds
  • # of random socks found on ground: 1… (wait. what?)
  • # of times I smiled awkwardly at strangers: a lot. And I am not ashamed.

Something New

Last year, my training was taken hostage by shin splints and a whole host of bad practices. But this year, I am taking control. I was overwhelmed by the volume last year, but now I know what to expect and I am focusing on a lot of the “extras” to give me a more efficient and more quality preparation this time ’round.

STRETCHING. I am doing more of it. Last year, I did not do enough… if any. (I know. Shame on me.)

EATING. I am watching what goes in my mouth. No more junk. No more alcohol. I’ve even picked up a few supplements and multivitamins.

STRENGTHENING. I am incorporating pilates, yoga, and regular strength training into my regimen. Strong muscles and strong core make you a healthier and more efficient runner.

THINKING. Last year, I let thoughts get in the way of my will. True, I never gave up on a distance. I did, however, let myself slow down and even stop at even the smallest thought of “no”. This year, I push much harder. And I don’t take no for an answer unless I truly need to.

ALL of this has helped me to feel infinitely more confident in my training so far. And if I may be honest… it’s helped me to carry myself with more purpose in everyday life. I am really looking forward to what this year’s marathon experience will bring me for 2012. : )

I should also note, I tried this new pant on Saturday:

2XU Running Tights

I gotta say, as far as running tights go, I LOVED this pant. It’s a compression tight, and indeed it does just what it promises. It compresses in all the right places on the leg. I do have to admit that compared with CW-X tight, which I own in capri style, it is not as strong. But, the material of the 2XU brand is much smoother and allows easier stride in my opinion. Also, at about $30 cheaper, you really can’t go wrong. I loved how I felt and I would definitely recommend. My one issue? If you forget to draw the string and tie it, you WILL moon everyone. Guaranteed. (True story.)

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