Marathon Journey: Before and After

“So, how much did ya lose?” It’s a question I’ve been asked quite a bit since my marathon finish. My answer? I have no idea.

Firstly, I’ve never really been a slave to the scale. I don’t own one. I didn’t even know that my health club had one until last week. The notion that stepping onto a  block of metal could set the tone for the rest of my day is utterly silly to me. (I spent far too many nights crying myself to sleep after an encounter with The Scale.) The last two times I ventured to get weighed were 1.) 3 years ago at Weight Watchers when I clocked in at an astoundingly scary 220 lbs and 2.) when I had my pre-training physical in October, an obligatory part of the check-up. So, I can’t tell you how much I weigh…but I feel really good?

Secondly, running the Boston Marathon had nothing to do with pounds. The Boston Marathon to me was entirely about proving how far I’d come, setting a goal, and working really hard to achieve that goal. It became the means by which I found a confidence and an inner strength that I never knew I had. It goes without saying that if you sign up to do a marathon solely for weight loss,  you are out of your mind. I can guarantee that if you train with the idea that it will be a weight-loss tool, then you are in it for the wrong reasons. The marathon is less about cardiovascular exercise than it is about mental toughness. That to me is worth more than any pounds I could lose.

But to answer the question on everyone’s mind… how much did I lose??

A whole pound 🙂 (pound… singular.)

Not what you were expecting, eh? But, hey! I was thrilled! I was thrilled because I got on the scale for the first time as a marathon finisher 🙂

October 2008, April 18th 2011