Mass Mentoring. WHY I run. 16 miles.


  • 16 miles

Why I run.

Last weekend, when I reached my final water stop after 13 miles, I was not entirely sure I could finish. I was in pain and my will to continue had run dry. Luckily for me, it was my charity team that hosted the water stops that day. Upon seeing the familiar faces pouring me water and handing me tissues when I was crying, I was quickly reminded that I don’t run for myself. I run for the Mass Mentoring Partnership. I run for thousands of kids who are counting on people like me to make it possible for them to have futures. How could I NOT continue when considering all of this?

When I initially considered running for a charity, I wanted more than anything to make sure that it benefitted kids in need. Mass Mentoring absolutely fits that description in so many ways. Mass Mentoring gives kids hope.

These are kids of single-parent households, kids in circumstances of poverty and extreme need, kids from inner cities and underprivileged communities, kids with no one to guide them and help them realize their potential.

Most of us take for granted the opportunities we have at our doors as a child: loving parents, good school systems, healthy homes, people to show you the way. Mass Mentoring is able to take care of that void for so many kids who don’t have these things.

Consider Quantell, someone who self-admittedly could have ended up in jail had it not been for his mentor:



 When the going gets rough in training, it isn’t difficult for me to get inspired. All I have to do is think about my team and this organization and remember that the 26.2 mile distance is for a greater good. Then it doesn’t seem so impossible.

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Help me reach my goal of $7,500. I am 75% of the way there! ($5,584.80!)

Thank you, in advance. I appreciate each and every ounce of support.