Sochi 2014, here I come. 12 miles.


  • 12 miles! Hey-o!
  • 2 hours 12 minutes 4 seconds
  • Tune of choice: “Got to Give it Up, Part 1” by Marvin Gaye
  • # of times beeped at by crazy  SUV man: 1
  • # of times I gave crazy SUV man the finger: 2 (one on each hand…)
  • # of winter olympic sports I (inadvertently) mastered on this terrain: 7 (figure skating, speed skating, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, luge, and bobsled)
  • # of times I therefore envisioned myself in one of those olympic bodysuits: 2

The Run

Lawdy! What a run! I can honestly say that this is the best I have felt during and after a run since the beginning of training, and it was my most challenging thus far.

The fact that it was freezing outside is a given. It’s a non-factor. I need not mention temperature from this point onward. It is and will always be freezing. What I will note, however, is that following the CRAZYBLIZZARDSTORM, there were no sidewalks available for use. Why would there be? Who in their right minds would be out walking at this time of year? Unfortunately for me, this meant street runnin’ galore (AKA snow shoeing sans snow shoes).

It was a frightening 12 miles, I’ll tell you that. I found myself literally nodding to each car in thanks for not running me over. With a late start to boot (I had to catch the Bruins game!), I was quickly losing light, my one saving grace. Thank goodness for iPhone glow. I waved that thing at each car like I was waving a surrender flag in enemy territory. (Note to self: purchase reflectors. ASAP.)

Alas, despite the darkness and the snow hurdles (inner olympian officially discovered), I finished within my 11 min/mile pace. I ran Saugus to Lynnfield to Elm St. in North Reading, and stopped on the way home to pee, too. And though it may seem turtle-like to novice and olympian runners alike, I am absolutely thrilled with my modest, yet consistent pace. I consider it a good indication of my progress and conditioning and the likelihood that I will cross that finish line.

I have officially reached the half-way point in my training, and I can taste the finish line… and all of the pasta I will get to devour as a result! Yum!