Ho Ho Horrible. A Christmas Story Week 10.

The fact that I am a week behind on my blog posts should tell you how excited I am tell you about my holiday running. (In other words, I am not.)

So in the spirit of Christmas, I figured I would share a favorite holiday gift of mine, circa 1994.


  • 7 miles
  • 1 hour 15 minutes 8 seconds
  • Tune of choice: “Holiday” by Vampire Weekend (Coincidentally, I’m just now realizing the coincidence.)
  • Holiday Cheer: Not a whole lot
  • Black Ice mishaps: 2
  • # of times I wished I’d asked for yaktrax for Xmas: 1,463
  • # of misleading snow piles that ended up being sneaker-soaking slush: 1 (but enough to get the job done)

The Run

‘Twas the morning of Christmas and all through the street
My nostrils were running faster than my feet
My stockings were warm, but boy was I dumb
Because they bunched in my sneakers causing my feet to go numb.

My family were nestled all snug in their beds
While I clung for dear life with my nonexistent tread
As patch after patch of black ice caused a slip
I managed to stay vertical, but that’s about it.

After dodging snow bank upon snow bank I managed to complete
The 7-mile distance on entirely numb feet
But to comfort the cold and almost falling on my bum:
A little bit of coffee and a lot of baileys…yum 🙂

I guess since I didn’t have enough woes to fill the entire length of “The Night Before Christmas,” I can’t really complain.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Stay tuned for part deux… Unhappy Feet: A New Year’s Tale.