“Run like an old lady on ice.” Week 7

“On April 18th, we’ll all be Kenyans.” –Rick Muhr


  • 4.5 miles
  • 48 minutes 23 seconds
  • Song of choice: “Baby” by Devendra Banhart
  • # of roadkill: NONE. (Thank you, Newton!)
  • # of teammates who finished faster than I did: lots
  • # of times I cared: not-a-one
  • # of times regret running Boston Marathon: ZERO and beyond, I was feeling goooooood.

“Rick Trick” of the day: Wear a mini straw on a necklace. Sipping water during the run will help you conserve energy and eliminate gas bubbles in your stomach. BRILLLLLLIANT!

The Run

Likely what my face looked like at the bottom...

Wow, people. I’d be lying if I told you HEARTBREAK HILL, the mother of all mothers, was easy. To put it simply, it wasn’t. What was even more, however, was the realization that on April 18th, I will have already run 20 miles before I even get to that point. YOWZA!! (Insert facial expression left)

Nonetheless, I’ve discovered that the runs just get easier and easier each time I set out. This 4.5-miler was my best run yet and a big portion of it was (obviously) uphill. In considering the advice of my coach carefully, I concentrated on my stride making sure I maintained good technique throughout. As Coach Rick Muhr so brilliantly put it, “Run like an old lady on ice.” So, I heeded that advice knowing it would be my means of survival. I may have looked like an old lady, but I didn’t feel like one; no random pains and no numbness like on previous runs.

How DID I feel? Like a million bucks.

The best part? Chocolate milk after the run… coach’s orders 🙂

 Don’t mind if I do!