Week 5, 7 miles of Gloorrrrry

Time to break out the robbery gear....too cold for comfort.


  • 7 Miles
  • 81 minutes 06 seconds
  • Tune of choice: Keep Marchin’ by Raphael Saadiq
  • # of times honked at by car, though I was nowhere near street: 3
  • # of times nearly hit by said car: ZERO (because I was nowhere near street. jerk.)
  • # of roadkill: 2
  • # of roadkill still there from last week: 1 (gross.)
  • # of evil old-lady leaf sweepers angry that I interrupted leaf-sweeping rhythm: 2
  • # of times regret running Boston Marathon: still 0 (outlook good)

The Run.

My strategy was just to make it 3.5 miles away from home so that I would have no choice but to run back. It worked. When it took me 45 minutes to run the first 3.5 miles, I grew worried that I was looking at finishing well over an hour and a half. To my suprise and delight, it took me less time to run the way back! The Galloway method has proven to me  that utilizing walk breaks early in your runs works well in keeping your strength and stamina throughout the entire distance. That would explain why I was able to run my last 3.5 miles in 35 minutes!

Needless to say, I am pretty satisfied with 1:21:06, given the hilly terrain and my slow start. I finished only 4 minutes slower than I had initially predicted. More importantly, I finished strong and my legs felt great! I am really looking forward to next week’s distance!

Lesson learned for next week

I HAVE TO make sure I am properly nourished for next week’s run. Everything was so rushed yesterday with recovery from a Saturday wedding and a Christening later that afternoon, that I ventured out with only a piece of chocolate wedding cake in my system (breakfast of champions). Next week, I plan to make myself a hearty omelette early in the morning and…ready for this one???… lots of carbs 🙂 I also want to try to eliminate having to carry a water bottle next time. It’s a real pain in the ass.

‘Til next time!